Single Story Homes, Coastal Orange County

The national home builder association,NHBA reports that almost 60% of people looking to build want a single story home, ranch style.

Affordability and single-story design make the single story home one of the most prolific residential home designs in America. Today’s single story homes are anything but simple and plain. The latest designs come in all shapes and sizes to meet your needs, budget and lifestyle. You can expect to find flexible rooms, open kitchen, living and dining areas, extended outdoor living spaces, tons of amenities and simple, yet elegant exterior features to reflect various architectural styles.

Advantages of Single Story Living

  • Children can easily be reached while there is no need for child gates to   block them from stairs.
  • As we age, the wear and tear on the body going up and down stairs. Some are balance challenged and worry about falling as well as wheel chair accessible.
  • Square footage is not wasted on stairs. No noise coming from above, when you have children up stairs playing it can sound like a herd of elephants!
  • Hands down, it’s easier to sell ramblers as an investment!
  • Open concept with large rooms and plenty of storage is important, as is either single-level living for most baby boomers.


Single story homes offer more flexibility in the design of the interiors than multi-level homes, because a combined space can serve multiple functions. One-story living spaces allow for an interior design that has vaulted ceilings, dramatic windows and the use of skylights to add a spacious feel. Southern-California homes almost always have an open living space that combines the dining room, living room and kitchen to create a comfortable and cozy place to gather. You can easily expand your one-story living to the outdoors with a large deck, sun-room or patio. Many of today’s single story plans are designed with complete outdoor living spaces, including an outdoor kitchen, fireplace and a pool/spa area.

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