The First – Floor Master Bedroom, Coastal Orange County

A trend that seems here to stay when it comes to new homes across the country is the first-floor master bedroom. .

For a variety of reasons, home buyers are increasingly choosing this style of home. From parents with teens to adults of all ages with disabilities and so many others, the first-floor master bedroom provides comfort, privacy, convenience and more.

Home design is trending toward a more universal design to fit a larger variety of lifestyles. 

Simply the fact that people are living longer and better able to live at home with disabilities and chronic illnesses. Older homes where all of the bedrooms are often on the second story are more representative of a time when people were unable to live at home for as long if they had a disability or illness. Thus, there wasn’t the need for the convenience of a first-floor master bedroom. As medical advancements continue to improve the lives of everyone, it is important that home designs reflect the changing needs of home buyers.

Some home designs include master bedrooms on both the first and second floor, which is also indicative of the shifts in multi-generational living.

With adult children moving back in with their parents, or older parents being cared for by adult children, there’s the need for home designs that offer some sense of autonomy to everyone. Even if there isn’t an official second master bedroom in the home, there is often an additional bedroom large enough to serve the family’s needs.

Of course, in some cases, having the parents in the first-floor master bedroom gives them privacy and peace and quiet, especially if the upstairs bedrooms are turned over to the children. Plus, if there’s a spare room upstairs, it can be used as a playroom or a study or a game room, containing the typical games and toys detritus that otherwise may take over the rest of the home. A spacious master bedroom suite also gives parents their own hideaway space when the home feels overrun with kids.

Ultimately, a first-floor master bedroom gives the home flexibility.

It can always be used as a home office and a guest room for older visiting guests, and as the homeowners age, they can take over the first-floor master bedroom for themselves as the risk and discomfort of stairs becomes more of an issue. It’s this kind of flexibility that also makes first-floor master bedroom home designs so popular when it comes to resale value. They often sell faster and for more money.

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